Vegas jump off building

vegas jump off building

It's actually the + foot descent down the tallest building in the city- and boy is it insane! Here's me taking on Sky Jump Las Vegas. The edge is scary, but after you do it you feel this rush of excitement of jumping off a "perfectly good building " at ft! Plus you can take home a certificate of. The Stratosphere celebrated the grand opening of its new SkyJump on feet, falling at 40 mph from the. vegas jump off building I thought I was the coolest chick in the world. I was scared for the first minute packman xon they brought you on the platform and you saw how high you were up there! We're going to Vegas soon. The experience was unlike anything else I've ever done! I guess our experience may have just been a fluke but I was not happy with the way we were treated and the time we had to spend at this attraction. This is where you'll register, pay, get suited up, and ready to go.

Vegas jump off building - zweite

Here is where you'll leap out and plunge stories down to the ground. Short but sweet night time activity. I take off my suit.. Just not what I expected overall. She's slamming things around walking around pissed off. I've gone twice so far once in the day and once at night. Ad Pole Fitness Studio.


Jumping Off the Stratosphere



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